the bellaberry team

The Bellaberry team came together out of common love for chocolate and to bring back fun and enjoyment to giving each other affordable quality and great tasting gifts.

How it all started?

At first, we used to make a few designs to our friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to help celebrate someone’s birthday, success or stardom. Only having a black and white printer we used to colour them by hand (eventually we rang out of crayons!), wrap them around some of our homemade chocolates to say thanks, well done and bring a laugh and smile to our day.

Our friendly, quirky wrapper designs were always the result of many hours of debate, discussion and of course testing lots of chocolate to make sure we got it right!

Where we are today?

Today we want to be able to share the fun and enjoyment of we had in giving our friends the many quirky and amusing designs we developed up over time wrapped around some of great Australian made chocolate – it’s our way of sharing the laughter and togetherness we shared with so many over the years.

Our chocolate story continues…

We had so much support and encouragement that we had to share our designs and locally Australian made chocolate with our friends. We started off with a few displays in our friendly local chemist, florists and gift shop and before we knew it we had their mates calling us asking for some of our fun designs for their local customers. We hadn’t suspected a thing, we just focused on creating designs and making chocolates – Then we started getting crazy emails from people raving about our stuff and wanting it in Perth and Darwin and bizarre and exotic places like Manchester, Paris, Singapore and New York.

Expand internationally

So now we’re in all those places and spreading like wildfire. We have since discovered there’s a whole Chocolatey Community out there and we thought it was about time we talked about the exciting times we have meeting so many great folk from all around Australia who love our designs and enjoy our locally made chocolates.

Let´s eat chocolate 

Thanks for stopping by and share a laugh by giving a mate one of our fun designs to say thanks – well done – your great (especially if they share the chocolate with you!)

Remember – please recycle the wrappers, the box is fully recyclable and the silver foil wrapper can be scrunched up put into any aluminium can for recycling.

Have a great day -we always do as chocolate makes every-day great!

Giles, Graham and Mark